By focusing on the use of quality plants, grown to Japan’s exacting agricultural standards, Waphyto transforms ingredients from around the world into products developed by Atsuko Morita.

With the power of plants and Japanese biomethodological advancements, Morita has created products that enrich and beautify life, as well as increase health from birth onwards. Waphyto products support a healthy, beautiful lifestyle.


Plant biomethodology

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A lifetime of health and beauty


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From Mikawa, Japan

Located on the geological Median Tectonic Line, the longest fault zone in Japan, the Mikawa Region is one of the most energized places on Earth, and is considered one of the best places to live in Japan. The shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, who ruled this region, was himself an accomplished herbalist, and was thus able to live a long and healthy life, even during the dangerous Warring States period, thanks to the soil of Mikawa, which yielded a treasure trove of vitamin-rich plants.

We chose Mikawa as our base for securing our ingredients because of its rich soil and historically relevant location. Because of this, Waphyto’s products are safe, high-quality, and are recognized by experts in geology, agriculture and pharmacology.

We are committed to the revitalization of the Mikawa Region, due to its unique history and geographic specialties; the plant products used in the creation of Waphyto products are sure to be of the highest quality and potency.

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